July 19, 2016

New Shanghai Disney Resort Commercial

This is Shanghai Disney Resort's latest commercial, released in China today. This new video features great footage of the castle, the daytime parade, the new Pirates ride and the Tron coaster.

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Original Title: 上海迪士尼度假区新一季宣传大片重磅出炉!邀你一起点亮心中奇梦
Source: Tencent Video

July 12, 2016

6 Proposals Revealed for Universal Studios Beijing Subway Station

After Shanghai Disneyland's Grand Opening, we can start to look at the other big theme park project happening in China, Universal Studios Beijing.

You may check out the announcement here: Universal Studios Beijing to Open in 2019.

Information for the park itself has been scarce, but a few days ago, Beijing Municipal Commission of Urban Planning (BMCUP) revealed 6 proposals for the subway station at Universal Studios Beijing. These proposals has been released on the official website of BMCUP, though only in Chinese. The purpose of this release is to gather public opinions on these proposals.

You may recall that similarly, Shanghai Disney Resort released 6 proposals in 2013 for its subway station as well. You can review the proposals here: Designs for Shanghai Disney Resort Subway Station

So please take a look at the following 6 proposals for Universal Studios Beijing's subway station.
After reviewing the proposals, you can vote for your favorite design here!

Which proposal is your favorite?

Proposal 1: Where the Dream Takes Flight
Proposal 2: Flowers Flowing Rhythm
Proposal 3: Submerged Jurassic Park
Proposal 4: The Phoenix Soars Around the World
Proposal 5: The Flowing Lights and Shadows
Proposal 6: A Trip Through Time
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Proposal 1: Where the Dream Takes Flight