May 13, 2016

Thank You, Universal Studios Singapore

This post is very likely to be my last Universal Studios Singapore post in a long time. I am leaving Singapore soon and moving to a new country to continue my studies.

Universal Studios Singapore has been a great friend during my 5 years in Singapore. It's one of the most accessible, if not THE most accessible, theme parks in the world, and I found myself always craving for a visit whenever I am in that area.

It's not just a playground, either. I have made new friends, strengthened the bonds with my old pals, done self-reflection, and even studied for my exams, all in this special place.

Therefore, this post is a thank you letter to Universal Studios Singapore.

Thank you, New York/Sesame Street area.
Spaghetti Space Chase is such a sweet and adorable ride.
And I have always loved the beef lasagna served here.

Thank you, Sci-Fi City, for letting me become one of the first guests to experience the incredible Transformers the Ride.

Thank you, Starbot Cafe, for allowing me to study at the corner (I only did that during off-peak hours!)
It was a surprisingly good place for study!

Thank you, Revenge of the Mummy, for being such a great ride with very short wait times.

By the way, the rent lockers now have finger print scanners. It's way more efficient and convenient.

Thank you, Jurassic Park area, but the River Rapids ride splashes way too much water!

Thank you, Far Far Away area. Though I am not a huge fan of Shrek, the castle does look majestic.

Last but not least, thank you, Madagascar area.