March 28, 2016

Shanghai Disney Resort Aerial Photo Update

It's merely 80 days until the opening of Shanghai Disney Resort! More photos of the resort are emerging. Here is an update with some really great aerial shots.

In this first photo we have a clear view of the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel.

This shot focuses on the Storybook Castle and the performing area in front of it. You can see "Voyage to the Crystal Grotto" at the back, and "Alice in Wonderland Maze" to the right.

The shot below is packed with information. At the upper-right corner, you can see the almost completed "Treasure Cove" and "Adventure Isle" areas. In the middle, we have "Fantasyland" and "Gardens of Imagination". Sitting at the lower-left corner is "Tomorrowland". The white-blue silky dome will be "TRON Lightcycle Power Run". 

This photo really gives you an idea of how grand this new park is.

In this shot we have a clear view of "Voyage to the Crystal Grotto". This ride seems to be almost completed already.

If you look closely, you can see a little boat here! The ride is already in testing mode!

This is taken from "Gardens of Imagination".

Here we have another look at "Tomorrowland".

Again "Tomorrowland". This is where the flat ride "Jet Packs" will be. 

Outside of the park, near "Toy Story Hotel" is the transportation hub where public transportation will be available.

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