March 25, 2016

Random Blends 2016

"Random Blends 2016" is a showcase of works by Communications and New Media students from NUS. It is an ongoing exhibition at ArtScience Museum of Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.
This year's showcase goes by the theme of Construct-Destruct-Reconstruct and features exciting works blending digital media and interactive art.
You may check out the official website, made by my awesome friend Shiyu, for more information.
I am fortunate enough to have some of my work selected and featured in this year's exhibition. A big thank-you to Jing and the organization committee of Random Blends 2016!
Let's take a look around!

Many of the art pieces use video as the medium. I especially like how the projections are set up this year so that there are always kinetic elements that grab the visitors' attention.

Other exhibits have more of a hands-on approach and invite participation from the visitors.

This year's workshop activity is crane origami, with a twist! You write "a change that you want to see" on that piece of paper, fold it into a crane, and replace one of the cranes on the panel. The cranes on the panel will also have something written inside, and you get to open them up and read those wishes. A pretty interesting way of communication/interaction.


Random Blends 2016
ArtScience Museum, Singapore | Free Admission
24 March | 4pm - 10pm (Last Admission at 9PM)
25-27 March | 10am - 7pm (Last Admission at 6PM)