October 18, 2015

Halloween Horror Nights 5 at USS

Halloween Horror Nights 5 is here! I had a blast visiting it yesterday.
This year's theme is the Blood Moon. It's a very smart choice, as on the evening of the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival (Sept. 27), the world witnessed a Blood Moon. The themes for this year's haunted houses are also very local, such as the MRT (Singapore's subway system). 

Please enjoy this pictorial report of the event!

We went in early to catch the opening show, which we thought was very impressive!
It started with this normal-looking moon.

And it was soon transformed into the blood moon.

After the opening show, the guests are allowed into the park. 

Hell House is our favorite haunted house this year. It is based on the Chinese tradition of building a paper house for the deceased. The guests will go into the paper house, and midway the house will start burning. It was a very unique experience, and a very scary one too. 

The Invader scare zone is our favorite scare zone. I was very impressed by the alien costumes and the laser effects. Just look at that!

ConTerminated focuses on mutated human beings and viruses. I love mutated creatures haha.

Beast Club is based on the Ancient Egypt area. We found it a bit underwhelming, comparing to the impressive Invader zone.


The MRT haunt was the one that I had looked forward to the most. I really like how they use something that most guests interact with on a daily basis as the theme of a haunted house.

Finally there is the Hungry Ghosts scare zone. We loved the great atmosphere and the various set pieces.

Overall, I am very satisfied with this years event. Although USS doesn't have movie-themed haunts like other Universal Studios, it seems to have learned how to craft unique experiences from local and Asian culture. Great job!

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