July 11, 2015

Shanghai Disney to Reveal New Information on July 15

Update 7/14:

A third trailer has been released. Two new concept arts for the TRON roller coaster can be found in the new trailer.

Update 7/11:

A new trailer has been released on the website. It's mostly clips from Pirates of the Caribbean movies, but there is one never-before-seen artwork.


Shanghai Disney Resort has just announced that it will be releasing official information about the park, the 2 hotels and the shopping/entertainment area on July 15, 6PM Beijing Time (GMT+8).
The information will be available directly online at the website: http://news.qq.com/zt2015/shdr/index.htm
The site is in Chinese but it's fairly easy to navigate.

In the first preview video released on the website, two new concept arts for Fantasyland are revealed.

I will also be following the development and write about the announcement next week.
Please stay tuned.

Copyright: Disney, Shanghai Disney Resort, Shendi


  1. Can't wait to see it!

    1. Me too!
      Although much has been leaked, it is nice to see the official announcement!

  2. Highlights of the presentation:

    1) The hotels - nothing much we didn't already know but they focused mainly on SDL Hotel
    2) Disneytown (meh name) - mainly on Lion King in the Walt Disney Theatre
    3) Mickey Avenue - the new entry land of the park
    The entrance looks a lot like the DLP railway station only with a larger turret. It has many different architectural elements including some main street as well as the Carthay Theatre feature in DCA.
    4) Gardens of Imagination - focusing mainly on the Fantasia Carousel (the flying unicorns will replace the horses) as well as the garden in a garden (garden of the 12 friends) with mosaic murals. Dumbo was not presented in the videos but concept art can be seen. They also focused on the traditional Chinese style "tea house" of the Wandering Moon.
    5) Tomorrowland - Feel this is the most exciting: Jet packs was showcased in the video (2 aside). Tron coaster looks good with it's outdoor segments (was worried about it) but the exciting part is indoors where you "race" a projected "rival" motorcycle (turqoise of orange). Neat ride vehicles - the handlebar locks the back flap and the rider into the seat!! Also they talked about new scenes for Buzz Lightyear. No mention of stitch.
    6) Adventure Isle - We already know about the soaring ride (mentioned subtly) and the rapids ride but they only showcased the "Thunder Mountain?" centrepiece and it looks like it will also incorporate a exploration playground. Also mentioned including a BBQ lodge restaurant and a Tarzan live show.
    7) Treasure Cove - Well covered before and showcased both Pirates and the new pirate based stunt show in the "Fandango Theatre". Also mentioned including theming as well as a new Barbossa restaurant.
    8) Fantasyland - Mainly focused on Storybook Castle (including the new princesses: Tiana - spring, Rapunzel - summer, Merida - autumn and Elsa/Anna - winter) as well as the 7 dwarves mine train. Also mentioned: Alice in Wonderland maze, Crystal Grotto (featuring Mulan), Peter Pan (the 2 row sitting arrangement in DLP), Pooh Hunny Pot and a Pinnochio restaurant.
    9) No mention of Toy Story Playland

    Exciting news!!