May 7, 2015

"Growing Singapore Site Paintings" Exhibition By Rie Fu

"Growing Singapore Site Paintings" Exhibition is a showcase of the Japanese singer/songwriter and painter Rie Fu's works of the constant evolution of the cities. This exhibition features several of her works including the inspiring "100 Construction Site Project" from 2012 to 2014.

This is a free exhibition hosted at Japan Creative Centre in Singapore.
I have to say it's a really lovely venue.

The exhibition features two major series: "Growing Singapore" and "Growing East Tokyo", two cities that the artist is familiar with.

Construction sites are so fascinating because they represent exciting changes and new possibilities for the city. Personally I love construction sites as well and think that they often produce very energetic imagery, which Rie Fu successfully captured with her vibrant color choices and bold composition.

The painting below is one of my favorites. In Singapore, if you look out at the sea, what you see is often the blinking lights of the vessels and factories on the neighboring islands. It may sound awful to some, but in fact I am often fascinated by the view.

I am also really fond of the techniques Rie Fu used to add a robustness to her works, which is a nice addition to the "clean" landscape that Singapore is known for.

The dedicated room at the corner features the "100 Construction Sites Project".
Rie Fu has created 100 paintings of the construction sites in Japan, Singapore and many other cities.