April 11, 2015

Puss in Boots: Giant Journey

After a construction period of more than one and a half years, the awaited "Puss in Boots: Giant Journey" coaster has finally opened in USS. (You can have a look back at the construction here.)

Today I rode it for the first time!

Ride banners are everywhere on Sentosa Island (where USS is located).

New front page to celebrate the opening!

I have looked at the ride from this angle for more than a year.

The normal queue had a 50 minute wait, so I took the single rider line instead.

A video that introduces the story of the ride.

The queue section is quite short but is populated with some really lovely scenes and elements.

Unfortunately, photography and video recording are not permitted on ride, so I will have to leave you to try the ride yourself.

It is indeed a family attraction, but the coaster sections do provide some thrills, which is a nice surprise!
The show scenes are also quite lovely. I especially love the giant goose!
My complaint for the ride will be that many show scenes are not covered up really well, and that interferes with the experience. I am looking forward to riding it at night. I hope the lighting can really bring out the sense of exploration and adventure.


  1. Hi Luke, are you in Singapore? Can we meet sometime?

  2. Dear Luke what do you think about the false ceiling or rather lack thereof at the load/unload station? Do you think they should have themed it as well considering it is an outdoor ride and the ceiling is quite brightly lit?

    1. Hi Wee-Sen. You make a good point here.
      While I do believe that theming the ceiling will create a much better effect, I can see that they must have made compromises due to perhaps budget reasons.