April 9, 2015

New Shanghai Disneyland Aerial Shots

Two new aerial shots have been released by Shanghai Daily.

"An aerial view of the Shanghai Disney Resort where work continues yesterday, a day which marked the fourth anniversary since ground was broken at the site in the Pudong New Area. The world’s largest Disney castle is now said to be taking shape at the theme park. "


  1. Way cool Luke. Finally got an idea of how Voyage to the Crystal Grotto would go. The ride station would actually be in Fantasyland with the finale under Storybook Castle. I can see now where Seven Dwarves' Mine Train would go in relation to the rest of the Fantasyland rides.

    1. Hey Wee-Sen!

      Yeah. These photos really give us an idea of how Fantasyland will look like. Very exciting!

  2. I'm very excited about this! I hope I can go when it first opens! Really wanna take some photos of the castle. I hope I'm not disappointed by the final product! The concept art looks pretty promising.