February 4, 2015

New photos of Shanghai Disneyland

Following the news of the new opening window, Disney also revealed several photos of Shanghai Disneyland under construction.

The first pair is inside the Pirates of the Caribbeans ride building. The two ships are in the middle of a battle and guests will probably pass between them along the track over there.

The following photos are showing the two resort hotels that will be open together with the park.

In this shot of the Toy Story hotel, you can see the Tron coaster in the background. It seems to have a massive sky blue show building together with a dome and some outdoor track sections. Wonderful!


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    1. Thanks Linda.
      Shanghai Disneyland certainly looks very promising! !!

  2. I hope the castle is impressive. Photos I've seen of Sleeping Beauty Castle Disneyland Paris are simply breathtaking. I hope to be there soon. While I've been to the ones in California, Tokyo and Hong Kong, Paris's one looks the best. Tokyo's castle is not bad though.

    1. Paris's castle is amazing indeed, and Shanghai's castle looks great too, if the concept arts are to be believed.

      I believe it would be much expanded in terms of its functions, and therefore resulting it being bigger, more believable and practical as the princesses can actually be living in there. This will make the castle not only a landmark of the park but also part of the theme park experience.

    2. The Shanghai castle is to be generic, right? Considering that Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty have 2 or more castles eacat the other Disney Parks, maybe if it becomes specific to any princess, others like Snow White or Mulan should be given a chance? Belle also has a castle over at the Magic Kingdom, Aladdin and Jasmine have the gorgeous Arabian Coast at Tokyo Disney Sea, and Ariel has Eric's castle at the Magic Kingdom and Trition's Kingdom at Tokyo Disney Sea as well. A restaurant themed to Tiana's place from The Princess and the Frog would be nice too.

      That said, if the castle were generic, then it would be better. I look forward to the boat ride there and I do hope also that they will have a meet and greet area there. I like how the Princess Fairytale Hall at the Magic Kingdom has portraits of the princesses being put up.

      I wonder what they'll be doing for Tomorrowland or Adventureland.

      Most of all, though, being a huge fan of character interaction, I wonder who will be there at Shanghai Disneyland. No doubt Mickey and Friends, Winnie the Pooh and some of the princesses, as these seem to be the regular few at all the parks. I seriously hope Mulan and Mushu do regular meets in the park, because they are so awesome. Back at Universal Studios Singapore, I haven't seen any new characters lately (save for Kitty Softpaws who debuted last year). However, those that they do have at USS are quite a good selection.

    3. *2 or more castles at*

    4. I believe that the castle is designed to be home to all of the princesses, but it is indeed a challenge to present all the princesses in the same castle but still bring out the individual themes for each of them.

      Yes indeed USS's cast of characters has changed much, but I agree with you that it is a great selection. Especially for transformers, Shrek and minions, they usually enjoy a really long queue for photo.