October 14, 2014

Universal Studios Beijing to Open in 2019

Today I was delighted to find this news article by Los Angeles Times about the new Universal Studios opening in Beijing in 2019. The project has been in development for quite some time and it is nice to see it finally getting a proper announcement. 
You may read the full article here: Universal Studios to open Beijing theme park in 2019
With the announcement and press conference, a concept art for the park has also been released and it contains some really interesting details. Let's take a look.

UPDATE: Thank you, Alain from Disney & More. I have updated the post with much clearer pictures.

First, there is this logo at the lower right corner reminding us that this is just a Conceptual Image. Therefore, what we see in the artwork may not be eventually included in the park.

Next I immediately noticed this high-rising building which is likely to be a hotel. It is interesting that the "hotel" is right at the entrance of the park and guest will walk through it when entering. A similar structure can be found at Tokyo DisneySea as well, where Hotel MiraCosta serves as the entrance.

The hotel looks really grand and it is a smart move. Chinese guests do prefer grand and elaborate designs.

Now if we move to the left side of the entrance, we see these huge show buildings. As I look through the park, this area seems to be more likely of a Sci-fi theme than the rest. Therefore, the big show building might be the TRANSFORMERS ride, as it is an incredibly huge hit in China.

Next we have this area which looks very similar to Diagon Alley in Universal Studios Florida. Look at the Wyndham's Theatre facade for example.

Also, to the right of that section is an area that looks like the Hogsmeade Village. The castle at the right side of the picture might be Hogwarts, but if so it means that they are doing a brand new version of the castle with a larger scale. Exciting!

You might also notice the station for Hogwarts Express in the picture. However, it seems that the train will cut through the park instead. 

In this section, we can see a building with similar structure and theming as the Revenge of the Mummy. I am happy that they are considering this attraction here, but I am hoping for a new and more refined dark ride section.

The most exciting part for me is to see Jurassic Park in the concept. It is one of my favorite films and also a big name in China. As we can tell from the high-rising drop building, it is likely to be the river adventure version instead of the rapids version that Universal Studios Singapore has. Of course, being a huge fan of the original ride, I hope they can use this chance to upgrade it too.

Next we have this area where a building similar to the Shrek Castle of USS is located. You can take a look at the similar color schemes and moods of the two concepts.

Of course, I might be wrong about all these things, but it is exciting to see Universal building a new park with such a vast land to use. I am certainly looking forward to seeing what they will come up with.

What do you think of these concepts? Feel free to comment below!


  1. Yes, Yes, Yes! I am looking forward to this and Shanghai Disneyland. Hmm... wonder if there's anything new (e.g. themed zones) unique to Universal Studios Beijing. I wonder if they will have the Far Far Away and Ancient Egypt zones like at USS, or just the attractions/ rides.

    1. Hi! I am glad that you are so excited about these parks!

      I believe there will be exclusive rides or even areas. And I am also excited about the possibility that they can build updated versions of the existing lands here.