October 26, 2014

Halloween Horror Nights 4 Review

Halloween Horror Nights is back to Universal Studios Singapore!
HHN 4 is a fun event that builds on the successes of the last three iterations. However, there are things we like about it and things that we are not so crazy about. Please follow me to find out!

Please understand that this review of the event is very personal and only represents my own opinion.
Besides, my writing is quite poor so I will let the photos do most of the talking.

Entrance - Minister of Evil

As usual, the star character of the event is welcoming guests. The stage for Minister of Evil is spectacular. and so is the character himself. We also heard that there is a opening ceremony at the start of the event. However, we were unfortunate and missed it due to our late arrival.

Scary Tales & The L.A.B.

Scary Tales scare zone has an interesting concept. It uses classic fairy tales and display them in twisted ways. Some of the examples are Rapunzel and the Little Mermaid. The original zone "Jurassic Park" is great for this theme.


Rapunzel is trapped in her tower. When you walk by, humans trapped in her hair will jump out.

We arrived at The L.A.B. at the other end of Scary Tales. The L.A.B. stands for Laboratory of Alien Breeding. It sounds very exciting since I am a big fan of aliens and monsters.

Water World arena houses the queue for this maze, and it seemed very very long.

We entered through this door to visit the lab. I was quite impressed by the maze. My favorite section is a room with a few containers. There are some creatures trapped in them. However, the lighting of the room suddenly goes off and when it comes back, the containers are open and the monsters start "attacking". It was really fun!

To my surprise, there is a PS4 demo room here in the event. You can play The Evil Within and The Last of Us: Remastered here. Two great horror/survival games!

Mati Camp

Mati Camp is a military-camp-style maze with horrific inhuman training scenes. As none of us has experience in the military, we did find it hard to relate and therefore not really scary.

Canyon of the Cursed

This is a zone with an interesting native-american-theme. However, we did not spend much time in this zone and rushed to the next destination. (Sorry)

Chill Out Zone

Sci-Fi City is transformed into a chill out zone with music, food and drinks. 


Demoncracy is a scare zone that builds on the New York section of the park, with elements like the subway, broken roads and demons.


Bogeyman is a small scare zone at the back alley of New York.

Jing's Revenge

Jing's Revenge is a maze with the creative setting of a high school. Jing was bullied when she attended the school. After her death, the ghost of Jing came back and haunted the school ever since.

The sign reads "Hua Xin High School".

Jack's 3Dementia

We ended our tour with a visit to Jack's 3Dementia. This innovative 3D maze requires you to put on 3D glasses. With that, some parts of the paint will pop out to create a dazzling effect. We thought it was really fun!

Final Remarks

The year's event has seen many innovations. The opening ceremony and the 3D maze are welcome additions to the event and they work out great.

HOWEVER, I was a bit disappointed that... the event was NOT scary. I was not startled even once, and I am not a brave person at all. I feel that all four mazes are structured in similar manners, and we always knew that there would be someone at the corner to jump out.

I was very impressed with last year's Chinese Opera House maze. I thought it was really creative and genuinely scary. However, this year I could not recall anything memorable from the mazes except for the container room in The L.A.B.

I enjoyed HHN4 nonetheless, but I do hope they bring new scare tricks to the mazes next year. And of course I am looking forward to attending HHN5.


Check on the progress of the Puss in Boots Coaster at night.

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