September 4, 2014

Shanghai Disney Resort Float at Shanghai Tourism Festival

We have a very interesting piece of news here!

Each year at Shanghai Tourism Festival, there will be a parade celebrating the sights and attractions of the region. Companies will each produce a float to join the parade, and this year for the first time, Shanghai Disney Resort will be among the 22 companies that will participate in it!

Today at the press conference, Shanghai Disney Resort revealed its float "Happiness and Dreams". The float, a collaboration between Chinese and foreign artists, will feature a stunning Disney Castle surrounded by lights and ribbons inspired by the traditional Chinese art of paper cutting. Hidden Mickeys can be found in the pattern as well.

Besides, the float will be accompanied by characters and performers who will dance to the classic tune "Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes" from "Cinderella". The song will be in Chinese and is specially recorded for the festival.

Shanghai Tourism Festival parade will be presented on September 13th. Let's look forward to this very first Shanghai Disney float.

Some thoughts:

There are some very interesting details on the float.

Firstly, the character choice is brilliant. These are the characters that almost all Chinese will recognize and relate to. I am so glad that Disney chose only Snow White and Cinderella from the classic princesses, as many other princesses are not really well known to many people. Children will also be thrilled to see Elsa and Anna on the float, too, as Frozen was a major hit in China.

The castle may look quite boring in the picture, but I believe that it is because they don't want to reveal the castle too early. The silhouette in the image could just be a place filler, I guess.

However, I am not thrilled about the color, to be honest, but I am sure the actual float will look much better with lights and performers.

Stay tuned for more reports on Shanghai Disney Resort.

Source: East Day -

Here are some pictures of the parade in the previous years by other companies.


  1. I am looking forward to more update!

  2. The floats looks really cool! I bet the festival is fun too. I recently read an article in the LA Times about the huge expansion of theme parks all across China.