May 6, 2014

This Week in USS #1

Welcome to the very first issue of "This Week in USS"!

"This Week in USS" is about anything that I find interesting in USS during my visits. 
I don't want to call it "USS Weekly" because as a student, I am not sure I can commit to it weekly.

So. This week, we have several interesting things to see!

At the entrance outside the park, there is the new "AM I TALL ENOUGH" sign which helps the families check if the younger guests are tall enough to ride certain attractions.
I think it is very considerate of the park to put this outside the park.

The guide map now features the Easter Bunny

The Minion Mart has been open for sometime, and guests seem to enjoy it.

Minions waiting to be bought.

There are a few themed Easter eggs around the park. I think they look lovely. I am not sure if I have found them all, though.
The metal texture on the TRANSFORMERS egg is nicely done.

Battlestar Galactica is still closed and even the wait time sign has started to deteriorate.

I really hope this means something new is coming.

Speaking of something new, here is a new construction photo for the unknown new family attraction.

Lastly, I spotted this bird landing on one of the dinosaur statues

This concludes the first issue of "This Week in USS"! I hope you enjoyed this short update. See you next week!

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