March 3, 2014

Random Blends 2014: CALIBR8

"Random Blends 2014: CALIBR8" is a free exhibition held by Communication and New Media Department of National University of Singapore. From 1 to 6 March, you can visit the galleries in ArtScience Museum to view the selected project works by CNM students.

I am fortunate enough to have my works featured in the exhibition. Here is a report from the opening day of the exhibit.

Go directly to the 4th floor and you can start your visit! (you can also visit the DINOSAUR exhibition in the basement with a ticket. Here is a report of that exhibit.)

The opening ceremony.

It was accompanied by drinks and snack

I was very excited that the game our group designed was here and visitors seemed to love it!

I would like to thank my group mates, Dennis, Welin, Chuan Xin and Mei Yi!

This ninja-themed board game was also the result of our group's hard work. (Thank you, James, Koko and Yian Lu.)

Meanwhile, I was also impressed by the artworks done by my schoolmates.

You can even use #hashtag and get your pictures on this virtual photo wall!


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