February 2, 2014

Dinosaurs: Dawn to Extinction

Dinosaurs seem to be a very popular choice for the theme of an exhibition. Last year, I visited Hong Kong Science Museum's Legend of the Giant Dinosaurs (which is amazing. You can see more pictures in Mr.B's blog post: http://thisismrb.blogspot.sg/2013/11/blog-post_17.html).

Now ArtScience Museum in Singapore is holding a new exhibition named "Dinosaurs: Dawn to Extinction". This detailed exhibition not only features great dinosaur fossils and facts, but also the related artworks of dinosaurs. It is indeed an unique dinosaur exhibition.

Unique combination of paintings and fossils.

Ultra realistic dinosaur sculptures are displayed.

Amazing artworks recreate the primitive world.

Exit through the gift shop and that's all!


  1. I enjoy the journey with you, haha.
    Btw, I feel that you have an eye for the position of photo-taking:p

    1. Thanks, Zhuyuan! I did too!

      Only if I brought my camera along, they could look better.