January 18, 2014

The Winning Design for Shanghai Disney Resort Subway Station

As you know from the last post (, which is two months ago. I apologize for the hiatus. I was in China during December, and I couldn't access my site from there.), Shanghai Metro held a public voting for 6 potential designs of Shanghai Disney Resort Subway Station. Now that the voting is closed, we have a winner!

The Winner is...

Design 2: A Fantasy Journey for You


The final result for the voting is:

Design 1   9.1%,2507 Votes

Design 2   49.9%,13789 Votes

Design 3   25.0%,6923 Votes

Design 4   9.7%,2685 Votes

Design 5   1.3%,354 Votes

Design 6   5.1%,1401 Votes

Well, now let's see what Chinese netizens have to say about their choice!

1. "Design 2 suits the overall theme of Disney. Visiting Disneyland is a fantasy journey indeed!"

2. "I hope Design 2 can be more colorful than it is now."

3. "Though I chose Design 2, I am concerned about the dizzy-looking design of the ceiling."

4. "I am hoping for more Mickey Elements, like Mickey Chairs!"

So, do you agree with them? Or do you have other comments? Please write it down below! 


  1. Looks "dreamy" and "heavenly" with the blue and white, with bursts of colorful oranges. The structure is interesting too. It is very long with wings on the side. The 2 side wings are made up of a set of 6 clear, long bubble top roofs, for a total of 12. There is pond welcoming the guests at the opening.

  2. Where will the Shanghai Metro station will be located? next to the Connection Station by the bus parking lot adjacent to Tomorrowland? or will it be located on the opposite corner, on the lake, near the far corner of the park, closer to Adventureland?

  3. Hi Friend! It will be located to the north of the lake, near the hotel which is adjacent to Adventure Isle, and in the middle of the two parks(Shanghai Disneyland and the future neighbor park).

  4. Looks cool! Actually, it looks like a glass dragon.