January 25, 2014

The Garden of Hu Xueyan

Since I came back to Singapore from my hometown Hangzhou ( in Eastern China), I have been a bit homesick. I decided to draw it out. 

This one is a corner of a private garden. These private gardens are popular among the rich and the powerful in ancient China. This one,  which is near where I live, is the Garden of Hu Xueyan, who was once a great business man. The garden has been kept really well and is still open for visitors.

January 23, 2014

Bird View Shot of Shanghai Disney Resort (Old)

I found these interesting bird view shots of Shanghai Disneyland Resort.
I don't think it is recent. In fact it's from almost one and a half years ago (Sorry that I haven't shared this...)
You can see that the resort has taken shape and the area of the first park has been cleared.

January 18, 2014

The Winning Design for Shanghai Disney Resort Subway Station

As you know from the last post (, which is two months ago. I apologize for the hiatus. I was in China during December, and I couldn't access my site from there.), Shanghai Metro held a public voting for 6 potential designs of Shanghai Disney Resort Subway Station. Now that the voting is closed, we have a winner!

The Winner is...

Design 2: A Fantasy Journey for You