November 4, 2013

You Can Choose the Design for Shanghai Disney Resort Subway Station!

Shanghai Metro is in charge of building the Subway Station for Shanghai Disney Resort. Recently they present 6 designs, done by professional design groups, and ask people to choose which one they like most. While the winning design may not be the one that's actually going to be built, it is certainly interesting to preview the look of the station itself!

Since the event website is in Chinese, I shall introduce the content to you in English! However, if you are comfortable with reading Chinese, simply go to this website and vote! (
You need a valid Chinese ID number and a phone number to vote.

Now let's take a look at all the designs! (Click on any of them to enlarge!)

Design 1: A Trip to Disney

This design uses elements of Disney Characters to decorate the station.
Its biggest highlight is that they are going to decorate the tunnel with film stills (each one slightly different from the previous) from Disney films so that when the train passes them, they will form an animation. (cool!)

November 2, 2013

Incredible Dinner at KT's Grill at USS (with Private Viewing Space for Fireworks!)

KT's Grill in Universal Studios Singapore has a great promotion for Annual Pass Holders. They can enjoy 2 dinner sets with the price of one, AND enjoy the private viewing area (the balcony) for the fireworks! This is really great for AP holders with a friend who is new to the park.

For some firework pictures, please go to this post: