September 14, 2013

Hotel Construction Begins at Shanghai Disney Resort

Several Chinese news websites have reported that hotel construction has begun at Shanghai Disney Resort.
While they attached the following photo of the construction, they did not reveal the name of the hotel.

As you may know, there will be 2 hotels ready at the opening of Shanghai Disney Resort. One is more luxurious while the other is more economical with a Toy Story theme.

Perhaps this means both of them are being constructed now. So stay tuned!



  1. That is very exciting to read. What do you think the theme will be for The 5-Star Hotel? I think it might be a "Disney Ambassador Hotel." After all, the Disney Ambassador theme has appeared at other resorts, although not all. The Disney Ambassador is a key Cast Member for each resort too. The Disney Ambassador has a long and important history with the Cast Members, Parks & Resorts, and success of the Disney Company too. Therefore, it would be appropriate to celebrate the important role of the Cast Members, by having a hotel named after them. Also, there is no set rule, but the hotel nearest the front gate has been a victorian-inpired theme hotel at most other parks and could be considred a "tradition". Therefore, the Hotel 1 that is located on the lake may not be a Victorian theme, it may actually be a Disney Ambassador theme hotel. Or, it may be a completely new and unique theme to the Disney Hotels, as the Shanghai Disney Resort is to the world itself. Very exciting indeed!

  2. The actual architectural and interior design of any hotel would of course be unique to the Shanghai Disneyland. But, I think the actual name of the hotel maybe be the Disney Ambassador Hotel.

    1. If it is actually named "The Disney Ambassador Hotel", it would be cool if the design is classic and elegant as the original uniform of the Disney Ambassadors themselves. The first uniform was very red with a red vest, white shirt, with red tartan designs, and a big black hat. It was classic Disney (ala Mickey & Minnie). It almost looked as if Ralph Lauren had designed it. Very unique, elegant, but Classic Disney look.

  3. Obviously, it most likely will be named the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel. A Victorian theme would be an wise guess too. I have read there will be three phases to the entire resort, with Shanghai Disneyland park & the two hotels as the first phase.