October 6, 2013

Halloween Horror Nights 3 Construction at USS

10/6 Update:

This will probably be the last construction update of HHN 3 at USS.
There are a few new additions to the sets.

Look! A skull!

Monster Rock Show is updated to be a Special Halloween Edition which runs from now to Nov 3.

R.I.P. (good job on the paint job again)

Mysterious stage set up at the corner of Sci-Fi City. Could this be part of HHN?

Moving on to Egypt.

A new stage is set up here as well.

Remember me? From last year?

Right! I was in front of the Chinatown maze last year!

The gate with lighting!

See you at the event!

9/29 Update:

It has only been a week but look at all the new props that appeared in the park!

Some new posters for the event.

The gate now looks very elaborate.

The photo spot looks promising.

Surprise! A Halloween Special Monster Rock Show will run from Oct 1 to Nov 3.

 Our scare zones are being decorated extensively.

I am really liking this fountain.

Hope they can fill this with water.

This time they did not use the New York Alley as a maze, thus it is part of the scare zone.

The props from the last update, not looking totally awesome!

Great job on the paint job!

The second scare zone.

We will be window shopping again this time.

There is no major addition to the third scare zone in Jurassic Park, thus I skipped that area. Now let's look at the two mazes I left out last time.

This year, the maze constructed in Waterworld queue area will have an entrance in Jurassic Park. Cool!

I really like the theming of this yard.

The other one, as usual, is at the back of New York.

You have to go to the Sentosa Express Station to see the entrance.

A ghost ship. Interesting.

That's it for today! See you next time!

9/21 Update:

It's Halloween again, which means another round of Halloween Horror Nights in USS!
Take a look at the preparation going on in the park!

This year, the Hollywood Boulevard is not going to be transformed into a scare zone, but they certainly installed a great looking "gate". 

Look at the details in the nails!

This is usually where guest take photos with the icons of each year's event. In this case, all three of them perhaps!

I am so happy that they start to use Jurassic Park as a scare zone as well!

The props they have now are pretty minimal. I could not tell what will be presented here.

Between Jurassic Park and Egypt is the Maze "Songs of  Death". For those of you who understand Chinese, there is a twist with an idiom here!

The reception of previous Egypt scare zones is quite bad, but I personally loved them. I am looking forward to this year's.

New York zone has been extensively decorated in the previous years, but currently this is the only prop New York zone has. I am hoping that it is the new strategy of USS, showing less before the event and transform the zones completely when the event actually starts.

Well this year's paint job definitely can be improved...

There are additional two mazes that I did not capture in this update. I hope I can get some good shots next time!

I am so excited to visit this year's event with my friends! You should too!


  1. Nice shots! I am looking forward to the event too! :D