April 5, 2015

"Puss in Boots" Coaster Construction Update

Update 4/5:

First, I want to apologize for the lack of updates recently, as I am really busy with school and work.

I was delighted to find out that the construction walls have been taken down and you can see the entrance of the ride now!

With the sign saying "coming soon" and the ride in testing mode, unfortunately we still don't know when it will officially open. But I do believe the day is near!

Some of the really nice details near the entrance.

The park also repainted the ground near the entrance of Far Far Away, probably to prepare for the opening of the new ride.

Update 3/1:

Exactly one month as passed since I last spotted the testing of the coaster. However, at the moment we still don't have an official opening date. Looking from the outside, the construction seems to have finished, therefore I was not able to provide any new updates recently.

But today I noticed something I have not been paying attention to previously. There are at least two giant geese along the track. How will they interact with the ride, or what is the role they play in the story? I am certainly looking forward to finding out.

Update 2/1:

The coaster has entered testing mode.
Check out the video below! Watch it in 1080p to see the details of the ride vehicle!

Update 1/18:

Hm? There is something strange on the track today. What?! It's the RIDE VEHICLE!!!!!!

It appears to have three rows and might be able to seat 6 or 9 people in total.
Golden eggs can be found at the front of the vehicle, and there appears to be leaf-looking objects at the side of the seats.
A visitor to the temple whispered to me that there are many nice details in this vehicle. I am so excited!

Update 1/3:

Rumor has it that USS aims to open the ride by the end of 2014. However, it didn't turn out that way. The construction is still ongoing, but I guess I can wait a little bit longer.

Cute little ducks now appear on top of the ride, staring at us.

Update 12/7:

Golden eggs have been installed and the front of the attraction is almost complete!

Update 11/25:

The construction seems to be going quite well. The brick tower at the front of the attraction seems to be quite complete already!

And this is very interesting. I have spotted these "Golden Eggs" at the side of the construction site.

Update 11/18:

Today I spotted the ride vehicle on the track!!!
It is a suspended car consisting of  3 rows with room for 2 riders per row.
The exterior of the vehicle is brown and the inside is bright orange.
I am not sure if they have already started testing though.

In the meantime, construction workers are installing more theming elements to the ride.
Check out the update below!

Some repainting is being applied to the Shrek 4D castle.

Update 10/26:

I was surprised by the progress of the coaster today.
There are a lot of theming elements being installed to the ride, and it looks very exciting.
The coaster may not be as outdoors as we had thought!

Update 9/20:

This week we have some interesting progress at the new attraction. It seems that exterior theming has begun! Look at the these castle wall bricks!

Update 9/7:

In this week, we see that the workers have started installing show scene structures for the coaster, but it's hard to say what to expect here.

Besides, "The Dance For The Magic Beans" show premiered on Sept. 6, but unfortunately I was not able to catch the show this week. I will come back next week for the performance!

Update 8/31:

After coming back to Singapore, I can resume my coverage of the construction of the new attraction. It has been announced that this brand new coaster will be themed to "Puss in Boots"! Let's take a look at the latest progress!

As we can see, all the coaster tracks seem to have been installed. The track layout is pretty interesting to me, and I am looking forward to the story that accompanies it!

The new show "The Dance for the Magic Beans" has its stage set up.

And it did not replace Donkey Live! so both shows exist in this area. When the new coaster opens, Far Far Away will feature 5 attractions, making it the land with the most attractions in USS! 

(Shrek 4D, Enchanted Airways, Donkey Live!, The Dance for the Magic Beans, Puss in Boots Coaster)

Update 6/1:

There has been some progress in this construction area. Compared to the last update, you will notice that at the left side, there are some round-shaped concrete structures. Curious....

Update 5/6:

Well although the theme for this new attraction can not be determined (Most likely to be Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem, but some say it is cancelled/put on hold.), the construction is still going on.

Here is the latest construction photo taken by me.
(You can see the city of Singapore in the background)

Update 8/15:

I spent my summer holiday in the U.S. So this is the first time I visited USS in three months.
To my surprise, there is a new ride in construction!
It is located between The Lost World (Water World) and Far Far Away(Shrek area). (The green area in the picture.)
I could not guess what the attraction might be. So I walked to the Shrek Castle side and discovered something very interesting.

From the boards I learned that this is going to be a family attraction with (probably) a Shrek theme(?).

I will keep updating this post to let you know any progress in the construction!


  1. Do you think they will build a Harry Potter themed attraction? They announced they are building one at Universal Studios Hollywood, similar to the one at Universal Studios Orlando in Florida.

    1. Well I certainly hope they will! But unless it's a newly designed mini version, I can't see how this area could accommodate it (both physically and visually).

  2. I guess they will have to use a little bit of magic to make it happen. They have already done so in Orlando, Japan, and soon in Hollywood. I would think they would build a Harry Potter village in Singapore too. In Orlando, the Harry Potter area is actually at their second theme park, Islands of Adventure, with other themed "lands" such as Dr. Suess, and a lot rides based on comic book action heroes, and movie theme-based rides too.

  3. Hi Luke! Heard that recently the vertical structures for the new coaster have been put up. Any idea when it will be ready? Do you think BSG will open 1st or the coaster at far far away? Look forward to your photo update!

    1. Hi!
      Yes I am very excited about the vertical structures for the new coaster.
      However, I spent the summer vacation in China and would not be able to go to the park until mid August. I will surely continue my updates from then on.

      Thanks for your support!

  4. It's going to be a puss in boots coaster right?

    1. Hi!
      Yes it will be Puss in Boots. Sorry that I forgot to update this post...

  5. Is the Puss In Boots coaster going to open this december. I am coming to Universal Studios Singapore on December 27 and it is a saturday. Do you suggest in getting an express pass because I am still thinking about buying it because I think the lines will be long but it cost an extra $ 50.

    1. Hi Leslie!

      I am glad you are visiting USS! I am sure you will have a great time here!

      Puss in Boots coaster has yet to finish construction so I don't think it will open before the end of the year. However, it is possible that they try to speed up things in these weeks so please stay tuned.

      Dec 27th is a Saturday which is usually the busiest day of the week in the park. Plus it's around Christmas and New Year so large crowds are expected. However, you can always go into the park first, see how long the lines really are and decide if you want to purchase an Express.You can buy it at multiple locations within the park.

      Hope that helps!

  6. They already have the Canopy Flyer, is another suspended coaster really necessary?

    1. Hi Friend!

      A great question! This is one of my concerns as well.
      However, after seeing the construction, I do think the two coasters are quite different.

      Canopy Flyer is more of a thrilling tour of Jurassic Park, while Puss in Boots has a lot of scene elements, and the ride vehicle resembles a traditional dark ride instead of a suspended coaster.

      Personally I think Puss in Boots will be a very fun family ride and a great addition to Far Far Away area.

  7. The vehicle allows 3 people per row. See EuroAmusement Professional issue 1/2015 page 97:

    1. I see. Thanks for pointing that out!

  8. Not sure if I posted this already, but the tower and ride entrance has been revealed and the wall has been removed! I saw it yesterday in person and it looks stunning! Probably the most beautiful ride building I've seen at USS. Hope it opens soon

    1. Hey J!

      Sorry for the lack of update lately.
      I have updated the post with new photos of the revealed ride entrance. It is very beautiful indeed!