June 22, 2013

My Co-workers!

In this post I will talk about some of my co-workers in the pier! 
In Surfside Pier, there are different games and ride operated by associates. They are very friendly and hard-working.

This is Jocene. She is from NUS! She operates this game in which you can win candies by guessing the final position of the spinning arrow.

This is Marina, she is operating IT, which is basically a spinning pirate ship.

This is Park, from China. He is operating Rock and Roll. This ride has 24 cars spinning around the center. (Pretty Dizzy!)

This is Dasha. She is operating Dante's Dungeon together with me . This ride is very fun to operate because you can be actors and use the element of surprise to startle the guests.

This is Ashley operating Kang-A-Bounce. It looks like a kiddie ride but it actually bounces very violently.

They are Leland and Ryan, my supervisors. Their job is to assign positions to us and assist us in difficult scenarios.

This my supervisor Yadi. She is very kind and enthusiastic!

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