May 15, 2013

The Town of Wildwood, New Jersey

Morey's Piers is located in Wildwood, New Jersey. It is a small city, but it can get very busy in the summer. However, since I am here early, I get to enjoy the quiet period before visitors flood here for vacation. Let's take a tour around the town.

These motels will be filled once the summer starts

Beside all the pizza, hotdog and steak restaurants in the city, there is this Chinese food called Panda. 

A lot of Chinese have been here and left their words.

"New Jersey is as flat as a pancake." said a man sitting beside me on my bus trip here.

This is the nearest supermarket. It is still a bit far. I wish I could drive!


  1. seems like great fun to buy/rent a bike and cycle around!!!

    1. Yeah I guess it is! I will probably get one by the end of the month.