May 26, 2013

Shanghai Disneyland Connection Section Plan

Hi. I am now working in Morey's Piers as a ride operator, but I have not forgotten Shanghai Disneyland! This is a new update about the park as I have obtained a new official plan for the resort!
This is the plan for the Connection Section, which will be used as the connection between public bus terminal, subway station, the park and the hotels.

What is really interesting about this plan is that it reveals the bird view of the entrance of the park! Please Take a look at the picture below.
As discussed earlier, the park will not have Main Street USA and this is confirmed by the plan as well. 

Besides this, the bird view of the subway station is also shown. The subway line will be extended from the existing lines.

Remember to click and enlarge the photos!

Source: Shendi


  1. cant wait for the park's opening. As soon as it'll be completed ill be visiting china.

  2. wish the park would have opened this year :(

  3. How will guests get around the resort? Will there be a Monorail system around the resort like they have at other parks? or will they have to walk? or take a bus? I would think there would be lots of boats traveling across the lake to the hotel and park too.