May 15, 2013

One Day Trip in New York

The first city I visited in the US is New York. It is a 3-hour bus trip from Wildwood to New York, so I need to start really early.

I got excited when I saw the New York skyline at a distance.

However, the traffic was not perfect. We got stucked in the tunnel for quite some time.

But finally we arrived at Times Square.

I would love to see all these shows, but not today.

There is a free-admission Times Square museum.

The McDonald's at Times Square is also very unique, with murals of the city's greatest sights.

There is a Disney Store here as well, but I am leaving my Disney shopping later when I am actually in the parks.

 The Bryant Park, a great place to read, work or just relax.

Rockefeller Center has this giant Lego store, where you can use Argumented Technology to preview your model.

For lunch I had a plate of mashed potato, vegetables and steak. (The potato is simply amazing!)

The other store I am very interested in is Nintendo World.

To be honest, though being a huge Nintendo fan, I am disappointed by the store. The exclusive products are just not special enough.

Now our last stop, Central Park!

The park is a gem in the city. I have seen the concept of having a park in the middle of the skyscrapers in Hong Kong, but this is a whole new level.

People dedicated these chairs to people they love and miss.

I remember that in the ending of the movie "Cloverfield", the protagonists hid under this bridge to escape from the monster's attack. 

Central Park is just such a pleasure to look at.

At the end of the day, I took the subway back to Times Square.

See you next time, New York!

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