April 3, 2013

Meet Morey's Piers, My Summer Workplace, and its Great Movie Rides!

I signed up for a program named "Work and Travel USA". It is a program for foreign students to work in an American theme park and travel around the states when they finish their job.

I was excited by the chance to work in a theme park and travel. I have never been to the states and I have always wanted to experience it myself.

There are several parks we can choose from, such as Cedar Point and Six Flags. I chose Morey's Piers eventually because it seemed to be a great place to work at.

Morey's Piers

It's located in Wildwood, New Jersey, which I found is quite famous for its seaside boardwalk.

Just as I was doing my research about the park, I accidantly discovered that the park used to have several rides themed to movies like King Kong and Planet of the Apes. This greatly interested me, as I did not know that there are other movie rides beside Universal's...

Let's take a look at some of the attractions.
Image source: http://www.funchase.com/Images/Moreys/Moreys.htm#Planet

This is the King Kong ride. It used the famous scene of Kong fighting planes on the top of the Empire Building as the setting. The riders will board the "planes" and spinning around Kong. (Like Dumbo I guess).

In this Exorcist attraction, everyone would be seated on two long benches that faced one another. The platform would remain in a fixed position while the room, which was mounted on a pivot, would rotate around you.
Sounds like a.... dizzy experience.

This attraction was named Hitchcock Manor, which was a Haunted House style walkthrough attraction, featuring famous scenes of the great director's films. 

And there is this! Planet of the Apes. Well firstly I find the theming quite well done. It looked a bit bizarre yet appealing.

I found this description of the ride on "Funchase".
Once everyone was seated the ship would start to rotate and a light show would begin. During the short trip through space and time the audience is told the story of the Planet of the Apes. The ship would soon begin to slow down and come to a stop. At this point the hatch would open to a world inhabited by primates. Ape soldiers would burst through the door attacking the captain and his crew while the audience would be led through the interior space door and into a primitive underground world. After being shuffled through caves and corridors you would exit the ride out onto the boardwalk. 

Sounds like a really good experience!

Later the attraction was re-themed to Star Wars, featuring the same spinning ride, with a different setting.

It is a shame that these attractions no longer exist. I would love to ride them!

Anyway, I feel extremely excited to work in Morey's Piers this summer and I will update the blog and share with you my experience then!

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