February 17, 2013

Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase !

Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase is finally done.

Today, Universal Studios Singapore held an Annual Pass Preview event which allows AP holders to experience the ride weeks before the public do. Unlike Transformers, the ride does not go through a technical rehearsal so today is the first chance I get to ride this attraction.

The Queue

The queue starts with a news report about how spaghetti has been taken away. The queue sets in an small alley where you can see a doodle of all the characters, "wanted" posters and Magazines like "National Galactic".

The Vehicle

In the boarding area, the vehicle does not stop, and you will be assisted by the moving belt. What we have previously guesses about the vehicle proved to be incorrect. There were no touch screens and the 16 white dots on top were not lights. The vehicle is quite comfortable though.

The Ride (and my review)

The ride is about getting the spaghetti back from the villains. It starts with your spaceship passing by Sesame Street and you see all the characters greeting you and wishing you luck. There is a mix of Animatronics and screens here. The characters are not really well animated, because most of them just simply open their mouths and turn their heads. However, I find this portion of the ride fascinating, since it is a really close encounter with the characters and the scene feels very warm.

After that you will be launched into space. There is a mix of smoke, lighting and projection effects to show this scene and I feel that it is well done. The space scene looks brilliant with all the dots of light that create a sense of depth. However, I do feel that if they theme the evacuation route as well it will be MUCH better, since now it does somehow break the feeling of being in space.

You will eventually find the villain's lair. Here you and Super Grover will get caught at first. However, your Sesame Street friends will suddenly teleport themselves here and save the day!
The entire final battle is done in only 3 scenes, which I don't feel it's enough. (It is a lot like the case in Madagascar, where there is a long story telling you about how they should battle the foosas and use only one scene to show the actual battle.) This leaves me confused and unsatisfied, as I could not understand what had happened..

However, I like the ride, in spite of its flaws. It is a well designed space adventure. I especially like the feeling of closeness with the scenes and characters.


For those of you who are desperate to see the ride, I have a little surprise for you. Enjoy!


  1. Replies
    1. Nice video. Hope you are not forced to take it down (I posted my photos on facebook too).
      Great meeting you and dejiki.
      BTW, you missed out on our nitpicking QC ride of Revenge of the Mummy. The "Silence!" scene was working somewhat (Victim of curse was lying down all the time) and the timing was still a little off at the main chamber room.
      The scarab beetle room felt off too (likely due to malfunctioning audio).

    2. Haha... The ride has random malfunction everytime I ride! But I am quite OK with that...

  2. Thanks for teh Review and video luke!! :)

    1. You are welcome! Glad that you enjoyed the post!