January 25, 2013

Shanghai Disney Resort Hotel (Toy Story Theme)

Shanghai Disneyland will have a hotel of the shape of "8", and its "Toy Story theme" is (almost) confirmed now.
The following picture was found on Shanghai News Net. 
As you may see, the entrance to the hotel will be sheltered by an orange structure (which, in my view, looks like "RC Racers"). The two gardens are reported to have "totally different designs", representing the concept of "Yin and Yang" in the Chinese culture.

The following are the plans for the walls of the hotel, found on "Shanghai Environment Online". The exterior of the hotel will be covered with glass panels (the different types of blue and green blocks shown in the pictures. The green panels represent glass panels that can be opened, which will probably be the windows in the guest rooms).

My Thanks to Mr. B!

Sources: Shanghai News Net, Shanghai Environment Online


  1. I do hope the facades will be better themed...


    1. Hi Fabian!
      Thanks for the super quick reply!
      The facades have the same patterns as Andy's wallpaper in the films.

      Well I do think it does not look nice enough in the picture. However, considering that the facades are made of glass, the actual building may shine in sunlight and create a surprising overall effect.

  2. Looks really cool. Reminds me of the new Art of Animation Hotel at Walt Disney World resort, but in a different configuration. Looks like the theme is Green Environment, Ying and Yang, and Chinese culture overall. I would have thought the building would be round though, especially if they want it to look similar to the number "8". Recently Disney constructed a cylindrical shaped addition to the WDW Contemporary Resort, called Bay Lake Tower. If two of these hotels were built back-to-back it would look like an "8". It would also be a symbol of both the future and the past, because it is a new, improved version of a design used at WDW resort too.

  3. Here is more about the new Bay Lake Towers at the Contemporary Resort at Walt Disney World Resort: