January 13, 2013

“Murdered to Death” - Behind the Scenes of KE VII Hallplay 2013

“Murdered to Death” is the production of KE VII Hallplay 2013. I was extremely lucky to be chosen as one of the cast members and I did had fun preparing and performing. Now I would like to present you a behind-the-scenes tour of the production.

This is the set. Isn't it wonderfully done? I will show your some of the details later.

On the bump-in day (One dau before the performance), we went to University Cultural Center and settled down in our dressing room.

The place is not big, with restrooms and three dressing rooms available.

Let's go to the stage! It is quite near the dressing room.

A look at the audience seats from the side of the stage. It is not a huge theater, but seeing the theater full of audience is just wonderful.

With Shaam and Grace. (Miss you guys already!)

What is he doing with the light?

Ah. It is for the projection of the pattern. However, the pattern was not used in the show.

There are speakers at the edge of the stage front, thus the sound on stage can be heard in restrooms and dressing rooms.

This is the set of "Murdered to Death". The house of Bagshot.

A detailed fireplace.

The deer head was made using the same technique used in various paper model toys.

The painting was drawn, not printed!

The fire is simulated by paper, a fan and a light bulb.

The window and the curtain.

To my great surprise, the curtain tier is exactly the same as the one in my house.

Let's go the the other side of the room. Here you can see the door that leads to the dinning room(which doesn't exist).

That is a real typewriter!

The attention to detail. A big round of applause for the set builders and decorators.

The door to the hall.

The secret of the broken "glass" is that it was pre-broken. The actor just had to re-break it.

Safety guaranteed! These grow-in-the-dark strips prevent the actors from tripping over.

Let's run the show with the set!

Time for make-up, the show is about to start!

Let the murder begin!

I hope you enjoyed this post. Here I want to thank everyone that is involved in this production. It has truly become a dream come true for me!


  1. You rocked Luke! Glad to have had you on the team man! :D

    1. Hey Isaac! Thanks so much. It was great working with you!

  2. haha i know the glass is pre-broken!!

    1. We initially used a new plastic board but it was impossible to break.

  3. Hi Luke. I hope that you, and all who were involved with the production, had lots of fun with the play.
    With warmest regards,
    Peter Gordon (playwright of Murdered to Death)

    1. Thank you. I had fun playing Thompkins! It has been a wonderful experience for us all!

    2. Hello Mr. Gordon! Thanks for your hilarious script, had a fantastic time playing Margaret (why'd you leave so little description of her by the way? To let the actor have a clean slate?). We enjoyed this play so much we've been thinking of doing the whole Pratt trilogy, one every year. Lovely to hear from you. -Annie

  4. Haha the UCC Theatre backstage actually has a 2nd floor with more dressing rooms and toilets! =) That said, for a theatre capacity of 400, the backstage actually trumps many other bigger venues, e.g. Singapore Conference Hall (the backstage area is narrow and only has 3 tiny rooms)

    Great job on the play, I had lots of fun being on the Set Decor Team as well! =)

    1. Hi, Ziqian. Indeed we went to the second floor for some preparation and training, though I prefer the first floor.