December 30, 2012

One Day in Hong Kong Disneyland (Part 1/2)

Hong Kong Disneyland is the first Disneyland in my country (I used to think it would be the only one). It definitely is a brilliant theme park despite the smaller size compared to other Disney Parks. 

In my opinion, HKDL is great because it is not a place for thrills but experiences. However, not everyone agrees with me. When my friends talk about the park, they criticize the size and the lack of thrill ( Before new lands were built).  I always believe that the park is in its early years and everything will get better. It indeed does. With Grizzly Gulch and Toy Story Playland finished and Mystic Point on its way, the day I spent in HKDL has never been so fantastic.

In Part 1, I will cover Main Street USA, Tomorrowland and Adventureland.

The Journey starts on the subway line. It is an Disney train.

I was immediately impressed when I arrived at this station back in 2006. The transition from the modern city of Hong Kong to this magical place is amazingly done.

I am looking forward to the day when I can see two parks beside me when I walk on this street again!

The ticket design is Toy Story which did confuse me for a while, as Grizzly Gulch is the latest addition. My guess is that Woody and his friends are more recognizable characters.

The Train Station is the first attraction we saw. However we did not get to ride the train as it closed at 5PM, which I did not foresee.

It was during Christmas, there was decoration everywhere including this giant Christmas Tree.

Art of Animation is a gallery-style attraction (or a gallery).

I was delighted to find my favorite, Ariel.

We were surprised when this exhibition began to operate. It was a demonstration of how animations are made.

As we walk toward the castle, we passed by many shops. But we had decided to shop later at night.

And this is when we shopped! 

I found this sign very charming.

When we walked to the hub, I asked my friends which land they wanted to go first. And we ended up in Tomorrowland.

Orbitron is the kind of attraction that we all felt too childish but all had fun riding.

I like the use of seating passes, as it really helps guest to board in an organized manner.

Well I used to dislike Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters when I visited the park in 2006. However, I found it much more entertaining now.

I am not sure about the the queue design, did it try to shrink the guests as in Toy Story Playland? If yes then I  did not find the effects were well done. I did see this oversized walkie talkie, but it seems that was all.

This AA is great, though.

This is something that I missed during the ride. The same target could be shot several times to gain higher scores. What I did was to shoot all the targets in sight once.

We did ride Autopia as well, although I was not really into the attraction. It would be great it was replaced with (possibly) Star Tours.

And this is Space Mountain. This is one of the surprises I had during the visit. I did not pay attention to the background music when I rode it 6 years ago. The music totally brought out the atmosphere as the trains turn, climb and drop.
However, I felt that the upper part of the mountain was not dark enough for the galaxy projections to shine. Steel structures could also be seen and it slightly reduced the thrill of the first drop.

The wait time is surprisingly short, 5 minutes.

The following are some shots of Tomorrowland at night.

Next Stop is Adventureland, as my friends suggested to visit it before Fantasyland. Curious decision indeed.
Hong Kong's Adventureland was built around Jungle Cruise, which I found very interesting. All the attractions are integrated into the jungle environment.

I found the presence of the stone sculpture strange. Perhaps it presents the jungle of Asia while the elements in the above photo are from Africa.

I remember taking a picture here back in 2006.

This restaurant looked appealing to me. However we did not had any meals in Adventureland.

And here I rode one of my favorite attractions, JUNGLE CRUISE! I still remember how I was scared when I heard the sound of the arrows.

We then decided to visit Tarzan's Treehouse.

It was a walk-through attraction. I did not watch the film, so I was happy to see those storybooks explaining the life of Tarzan.

I urged my friends not to look at this because this is the part where the Mine Train (In Grizzly Gulch) dropped backwards. And they did. 

The other attraction of this land is Festive of the Lion King. We went to watch the show at 6 PM.

Though I am not a fan of the Lion King, I was indeed moved by the songs from the film.

Adventureland is more mysterious at night. I wished I could stayed there longer and rode Jungle Cruise at night.

That's it for Part 1 of the One Day in Hong Kong Disneyland!
In Part 2 I will be visiting Grizzly Gulch, Toy Story Playland, Fantasyland and passing by Mystic Point.


  1. I think I saw you in one of the main street shops at night. Did you visit HKDL on the 6th of December?

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