January 1, 2013

Let's Play Puzzle! (The Whole Shanghai Disney Resort)

Today I came up with this idea that I should place all the released (or leaked) plans together to find out how the whole resort will look like. This will be updated when new plans are released in the future. This is the first map I put together!

To my great surprise, the first phase of Shanghai Disneyland, though is already quite large, only occupies about half of the land reserved for the first park!
This is of course fantastic news, as the park will not worry about room for expansion.
It thrills me to think about how enormous the park will be when it's fully expanded.

Click to enlarge!

Besides that I also noticed that the two hotels revealed only take about half of the land they are built on, which means that there will be one more hotel next to each on of them.
If we take note that the area beside the entrance to the park and the little triangle near the Victorian hotel are also for hotels, in total we may have 6 hotels in the resort.

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  1. Its looks amazing and I hope it truly inspires people who visit the park and people around the world. I am just surprised by the lack of any real information about it. Each incarnation of a ride or land is great way to create excitement for all enthusiastic fans. A new land or ride is a great way to talk about cultural, entertainment, and storytelling. I wish there was more information about each aspect of the park, so it builds momentum for the resort too.

    Even the marker on Google maps is incorrect.

    1. While I agree with what you said, I believe that this lack of information may not be a bad thing after all.

      Firstly, there are theories suggesting that Disney does not want to reveal too much because they fear that other parks in China will copy their ideas.

      Besides, visiting a park when you already know every aspect of it is quite... dull... :)

    2. Yes, I have read that too. There was an article in Los Angeles Times about that in April 2011. Its 2 years later though and I would hope their construction timeline and opening day plans have advanced since that point. With over 330 million people within train and car routes, they will need to handle the information deluge by potential guests. I think the best way to do that is to get the word out early. I am sure they have thought of that already, but putting it into practice does take skill and time. I am sure it will go well and be very exciting!


    3. I found this cool section of the LA Times that highlights Theme Park news:


      Pretty cool!