November 22, 2012

Shanghai Disneyland Shopping/Dining Area Plan

I am very excited that I have obtained a new plan for Shanghai Disneyland. This is the plan for the Shopping / Dining Area next to the park. (Much like Downtown Disney).
I have done the translation and labeled the buildings.

The blue dots are Dining areas.
Red is for Shops.
Yellow is for Entertainment (only one).

(Click to enlarge!)

If we look at the plan along with some artwork we can get a better vision of how the area will look.

The layout is identical to the one on the leaked park layout. Now we can almost confirm its accuracy!!!

And there is a part of the plan (above) is in red in the plan (below). This gives us the very first confirmed layout of a building INSIDE THE PARK!

Now if we look at this one, we see that there may be water body flowing from Tomorrowland to the Shopping/Dining area! (This may not be true because it is not indicated in the leaked plan above)

That's all for this post. Feel free to leave a comment about the plan. If you have any advice, please tell me as I can translate them into Chinese and deliver it to the company! (That is exactly the purpose of releasing the plan.)


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