November 11, 2012

Halloween Horror Nights 2 - My Personal Experience

Halloween Horror Nights 2 was a great adventure for me. Despite that two of the attractions broke down when I was on them and the queue was extremely long, I was impressed by the decoration and well-designed haunted houses.
The following is my experience this year at Halloween Horror Nights 2.

House of Dolls

We started off with House of Dolls (It's the only entrance anyway).

The zone is essentially the collection and workshop of the dolls created by puppet master, who you would see later at the end of the street.

Here he is!

Dungeon of Damnation

Before proceeding to the next zone, there was a cross road where you could visit the nearest haunted house, Dungeon of Damnation.
The maze was constructed to be a hell full of demons and twisted creatures. The maze featured brilliant designs such as two moving walls that push the visitor left and right, crossing a bridge with boiling waters at the bottom as well as scare actors jumping down from above.

Total Lockdown

Total Lockdown is a zone that was infected by leaked poisonous chemicals and its residents were becoming fearsome mutants.
I was not really scared by the mutants here, since most of them appeared to be just mad people to me.

After that we decided to ride TRANSFORMERS.

We were stuck in the middle...(Technically we were stuck right before the big drop climax).
And here is what is like inside the building. (Tracks, huge screens and vehicles)

What is great about the breakdowns is that you get free Universal Express Tickets (It is truly"Universal" in the sense that it can be used for any attraction (with a few exceptions).).

Death Alley

Death Alley is a Chinatown themed haunt, but it was constructed in the New York Waterfront Alley (Interestingly).
We were confronted by butchers, prostitutes and other characters in the dark and dirty environment of the Alley. Since it is not an enclosed area, the scare factor is not as strong as the first haunt.
What is funny about this is that some scare actors even said "Excuse me" to us when they tried to walk pass us.

The rest of Sci-Fi City 

Bizarre Bazaar

Bizarre Bazaar is a market of mysterious and dangerous products, services and rituals.
Unlike the other zones where scare actors confronted you, in this area the actors had their own booths so they only scared those who got too close.

Every certain period of time, all the actors would leave their booths and present a mass dance.

The Insanitarium

The Insanitarium is a hospital themed maze with great atmosphere. There were insane patients running around and staring at you as if begging you to let them go. I was scared in a corridor with 4 doors at each side. There were yelling behind all the doors as if the patients were about to come out. I was pushing the people in front so that I could walk pass there fast.

That concludes my HHN 2 experience. I was impressed by the design and effort put in to this event. It is certainly worth the price.
What I would love to see more is dinosaur themed scares. It is already very dark and startling in the Lost World area and it could potentially be the best place to construct a jungle maze.

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