September 22, 2012

Shanghai Disneyland Public Bus Station Plan Revealed

Shanghai Disneyland public bus station plan was revealed a few days ago. Although this does not have much to do with the actually design of the park, it is good to see that the company is constantly revealing plans and listening to the advice of the public.

Take a look! (click to enlarge!)

Here is something else I found on the official website. It is an collection of the various statistics of the resort. Do take a look at it and comment if you find anything interesting. 



  1. Hi Luke!

    It looks 2-3 times larger than the one at Hong Kong Disneyland! Is this the only bus terminal on Shanghai Disney Resort? What about charter bus/coach?

    1. Thanks for dropping by Dejiki!

      Based on the the layout, I believe this is just for shuttle buses travelling from city to the resort. There will be another car park for charter buses and coaches.

      And yes, Shanghai Disneyland will be huge. If the above statistics I found on the official website are true, Shanghai Disneyland (the park alone) will be nearly as big as Tokyo DisneySea...