September 1, 2012

KE VII Night Cycling 2012

Night Cycling is something I have always wanted to try. It is an interesting (and probably unique) activity in Singapore. Singapore does not have lanes for bicycles on the street, so it is difficult and dangerous to ride at the day time.
Night cycling is riding bicycles at night and even midnight! For this year, as the finale of KE VII Orientation 2012, we had this event "Night Cycling 2012" which took place on Aug 31st and Sept 1st.

There was little preparation, since bicycles had been rented for us.

Let us get started!

The bus was kind enough to send us to East Coast Park, where we would get our bicycles!

Everyone is so excited.

...Including the bicycles!

Group photo is a must! 

Our destination today is Marina Barrage!  Starting point!

It took about 15 minutes to get here. It was the first spot I could stop and take pictures!

Vista 1: Under the bridge

Vista 2: Indoor Stadium

This somehow feels like the volcano in Tokyo DisneySea!

Jiaxi and Fang Hau (Our great leader and safety guy!)

This is where we took some rest before pressing on.

Back light of the bicycle.

Vista 3: Reflection of city life

Now we are going to say goodbye to the stadium and be on the way !

This is a corner that I really liked. I would describe it as "Concrete Jungle" (I twisted the original meaning and I know it.).
Before we arrived at Marina Barrage, we spent a bit time having supper at Lau Pa Sat!

Satay and more

"Call Me Maybe"?

Flame of taste

Now we were sitting on top of the barrage building.
Vista 4: the perfect circle of Singapore Flyer

The iconic Marina Bay Sands and Super Trees

Final Vista: the white petals of Art Science Museum with the Moon above.

We returned to where we had started at 5AM. It was a fulfilling journey!

The following is what I gained:
1. My first night cycling experience.
2. The satisfaction of teaching a student how to get on the bicycle easily and steadily.
3. The experience of seeing Singapore at mid night. 

Here I would like to express my gratitude for Fang Hau and everyone in our group!


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  3. Hey Xiaobao!

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