September 30, 2012

Halloween Horror Nights 2 Construction @ USS

Halloween Horror Nights 2 will be held on Oct 19 - 21, 25 - 28 in Universal Studios Singapore. Although it is smaller in scale than those in the American Parks, it has unique elements and interesting themes!

10 / 7 Update:

There are a lot more props and sets in the park when I visited it today. The scale of the event is even bigger than last year! I am so excited!

What amuses me is that they used the poster for "the Directer", icon character of last year's HHN!

Here are something interesting. Random movie posters and ads.....


9 / 30 Update:

House of Dolls.....

More drawings

A puppet show?

New York will become a quarantine zone..

Chinatown has two little lions now!

This is more hilarious than terrifying. But I like it!

Inside Chinatown Maze

Stalls serving.......flesh!?


Take a look below.

The Entrance has a toy house make over.

A few drawings hanging there.

The Puppet Master's room

There are books on the shelf entitled "DIY Dolls"

The alley is blocked

and is transforming into CHINATOWN!

We Chinese have quite a lot of ghost stories! Be prepared! 

Moving to Egypt

There are strange looking blocks all around the area. It is yet to know what they are for.


  1. so many new things!
    but looks so simple and crude..

  2. Hi Luke,

    Which date have you picked to attend HHN2?

    1. We have not decided... but most likely a weekday evening.

  3. Is the event starting at 8pm or throughout the whole day?

  4. Looks like they go all out! should be a really fun time. I just love events like these. For me nothing beats visiting the scariest haunted attraction in DE on a spooky October night with some friends. Those are the memories that stick with you for a lifetime

    1. Thanks for the link! Will check that out!