August 21, 2012

Shanghai Disneyland Hotel Plans Made Public

Shanghai Disneyland is the coming Disney park located in Shanghai, China.
The project is still in development, thus we don't have much to learn about the park.
However, two days ago, two of the four hotel plans were posted on the website of "Shanghai International Resort"( The plans are made public and people can email to the resort to give suggestions.
Let us take a look.
(You can click on the pictures to enlarge them.)

English Translation: Me

The first hotel is located south east to the lake. The hotel has 7 floors with a big car park at the front and a few playgrounds at the back. I am not sure about the theme of the hotel.

The second hotel features a more interesting design. It is relatively small. According to the floor numbers, we can tell that the center of the hotel will be the highest and the rest parts will feature a "staircase" design. Could this be the rumored Toy Story Hotel?

The picture below is the plan for the whole phase one development of Shanghai Disneyland Resort.
Comparing with the two pictures above, I located the two hotels (Circled in red and pointed by Mickey hands). There are two more hotels(and a lot more stuff) to be revealed.

Finally, we can compare this with the leaked theme park plan. The shape of the green area in the lower right corner matches the shape in the picture above, which confirms the accuracy of this leaked theme park plan.

Shanghai Disneyland is very near my home town Hangzhou. Having a Disney park built just at your front door is something very exciting. I will be following the construction of the park and bring you more updates!
Stay tuned!


  1. Hi Luke!

    The ridged roof design at the main wing, as well as the overall "symmetrically-winged" structure of the first Hotel reminds me of the Victorian styled hotels at Tokyo Disney Resort and Hong Kong Disney Resort.

    It's also pretty interesting to see how elements of the first hotel are perfectly aligned, so that the hotel's main wing faces South-East direction.

    1. Hi Nicholas !
      I am surprised to see you here!

      I was very impressed by the Victorian Style Hotel at Tokyo Disneyland. It's good to know that we will have one, too!

      Thanks for dropping by~

    2. Actually, I think they refer to it as "Mictorian." LOL! Get it? Its a portmanteau word combination of "Mickey Mouse" and "Victorian".

    3. Traditionally, the hotel at the front gate has been a Victorian-inspired theme hotel. There is a space dedicated for a hotel adjacent to Shanghai Disneyland's front gate. But, the hotel mentioned above is located across the lake. Therefore, I wonder if it may take another theme? The design looks similar to the Polynesian Resort at WDW, with an island/beachfront theme. The top of the roof is similar too with its slated and flat design. I do not see any spires or towers traditionally seen on a Victorian theme building either. However, the Grand Floridian Hotel, also a Victorian-themed hotel, sits across the lake from the Magic Kingdom at WDW too. What would be more pleasing to Chinese guests: A Victorian-inspired beachfront hotel or a Polynesian themed beachfront hotel? You would know better than I what make would make Chinese guests most happy.

  2. The Hotel 1 design has a seven story tower at its center, with similar guest towers continuing outward, but shorter and shorter in height. The main section does have a graduated design, almost like a pyramid. Is that just the roof or the entire building? It could be similar to the Contemporary Resort main building, which has an "A" Frame design. Or, the WDW Dolphin Hotel also has a pyramid as its main building too. Has the theme or design motif been disclosed yet?

    1. Here is a link to an article on Hotel 1. Its very interesting, but like most other websites its speculative at best.

    2. Thanks for sharing the link!
      Sorry I have not come cross anything about the theme for the first hotel.

  3. Actually, the design for hotel 1 looks a lot like the main hotel at the WDW Animal Kingdom Lodge in Florida. Its has some victorian themes too.
    Look at the similarities:

    1. Yes indeed! Thanks for pointing that out.
      Actually I did not know how the Animal Kingdom Lodge is like, but after comparing the two I can see the similarities.

      This is quite interesting, as the hotel has long rumored to be in Victorian Style... Curious.

    2. Well, the actual architectural design may be similar but the interior design and theme could be developed in a variety of manners. So, its not clear if it will be an animal themed hotel or not. Its natural to build upon your successes and create new ones too. Ultimately, every hotel has its own unique design and theme.

    3. Maybe it will be Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs Enchanted Forest Hotel Lodge. It kinda has a thatched roof.

    4. That could very well be a great idea, using one of the stories as the theme of the whole hotel. What I am sure about is that the Chinese really like the story of Snow White.