August 24, 2012

Possible Shanghai Disneyland Hotel 3D Model

Hey guys, do you remember the two hotel plans I posted a few days ago?
I am especially interested in the second hotel, since it features a "staircase" design.
You can enlarge the picture to see the floor numbers on the plan sheet.

However, I was thinking of a way to express this more explicitly. Now I finally got some results!
What will be better than establishing a 3D model? Enjoy!

(This model is constructed by myself based on the layout on the plan and my own interpretation. The accuracy of the model is not guaranteed. Besides, the reason I choose blue, red and yellow is because these are the colors used in the Toy Story logo, considering the hotel is rumored to be themed to the film. )


  1. Wonderful 3D visualization!

    It reminds me of the Legoland park hotels, for some reason. :)

    1. Thanks Dejiki!
      I guess that is because of the color scheme I chose....

  2. or the original Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim.