February 18, 2013

Sesame Street the Ride Construction

2 / 18 Update:

This will probably be the last update of this post, as the opening date for the ride has been determined! 

Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase will open on 1st March!
Check out the video below. The video also indicated that a "Street Carnival" will be held on the opening day.

2 / 2 Update:

It's finally here! I have received an E-mail about the Annual Pass Preview for the Attraction!
It will be held on 16th Feb from 10AM to 2PM!

12 / 31 Update:

The opening has been postponed to early 2013. No exterior decoration was spotted recently so the extra time is given to the ride testing I suppose. 

However, I did find a new promotion picture released by RWS showing the ride vehicle. As Dejiki has described earlier, the vehicle has two rows and containing four passenger seats.

11 / 21 Update:

New sign for the store!

11 / 15 Update:

While the ride remains in testing mode during the time, there are interesting elements added outside.
Here is the newly installed Sesame Street Photo Spot, near the former hat shop.

11 / 3 Update:

Big Bird's Emporium has opened. It will serve as the ride exit and gift shop. Take a photo tour below!
We can expect that the ride will open very soon.

Looking at the store from Lour's Pizza. Well it does not feel quite natural.

The ride's exit is covered by flowers.

Lastly, I just want to say that everything else looks fine but what's wrong with you Big Bird? Aren't you the owner of the shop?!

And you!?
10 / 20 Update:

The area around the attraction is in the final phase of construction and decoration.

I was wrong last week, as this store seems to be a shop as most of us previously expected, instead of a restaurant.

The "broken" wall in Loui s Pizza is not fixed!

A sign of the Sesame Street is found near the entrance.

Welcome to Sesame Street, people!

10 / 13 Update:

Universal Studios Singapore is really trying so hard to finish the construction. Today I saw workers working on the facades near the ride even when the park was open to guests.

The area in front of the entrance is decorated.

The workers are repainting some of the facades in New York Zone.

Bob (The guy in the photo) told me that the buildings look too old and they are applying the paint to make them look newer.

The Finnegan's Bar Grill building is under construction. It may not serve as the ride's exit but will instead be a new restaurant.

The show "Our Favorite Things" is now in front of the Library. It used to be performed in front of Finnegan's Bar Grill.

And here we have noticed a visitor leaving a note in "Cookie Monster" style.


10 / 7 Update:

The area in front of the entrance is undergoing some kind of refurbishment. 

This is a curious structure.

The ride will have a stand by queue and an express queue. 

Ride Vehicle Spotted

The ride vehicle was spotted at the backstage of the park. It is indeed suspended, with two big eyes on top.
Around the eyes there seem to be 16 dots, which I think may be lights. It is still unclear what the seats are like.


10 / 6 Update:

Universal Studios Singapore has released the official photo of Sesame Street Ride Entrance, together with a video reporting the missing spaghetti.

The ride's story line will focus on the missing spaghetti stolen by the evil "Macaroni" and the riders will be embarking on a space journey to get back the spaghetti!

Source: Universal Studios Singapore


9 / 30 Update:

This is from last week.

And this is now! A vertical structure.

Based on the red color, I would say it is none other than Elmo!

In the meantime a wall in Loui's NY Pizza Parlor has been covered with construction wallpaper (pardon my expression). I guess the exit/store of Sesame Street will be connected to the restaurant.


9 / 26 Update:

I am very excited about the coming Sesame Street the Ride in USS, since I have watched a few episodes of the show since young. 

Speaking of the ride, while it is not possible to take a look at the inside of the show building, I walked around New York area to find some clues. This is what I found. 

Holes for queuing area near the entrance

A pole can be inserted into one of these and used for establishing queuing areas.

The holes are found near the various shop facades. 

Why I am interested in these is that if you take a look at the attractions in the park, almost all of them have indoor queues. And due to overwhelming popularity, Transformers the Ride, which possesses a huge indoor queuing area, once used extended queue like this.

So I am guessing that there are two possibilities here.

  1. The show building is too small for an indoor queue.
  2. The attraction is going to be a major attraction and expecting large crowd.
While it is certainly very likely that I am over thinking this, I surely hope it will be the latter.

That is all for today! Stay tuned for more updates on theme parks and other things in my life ( if you are interested ) ! Alternatively, jump to the wonderful site of Dejiki for more about Sesame Street the Ride and Universal Studios Singapore!


  1. Don't expect too much from the ride...

    1. Haha, Thanks for your advice.
      I know that I am probably trying hard to look at the bright side.

  2. I seriously don,t think this is a hit attraction. It's gonna be another lame Madagascar. I hope these two ride not coming to US

    1. I have to say that Madagascar does indeed fail to live up to the expectation.
      And the chances of these two rides going to the US are small.
      However, I do wish the Wizarding World of Harry Potter will come to USS someday (replace Madagascar! Please!)

    2. wizarding world should totally replace waterworld...even though it's a good show, it's dated...

    3. Impossible! If your have been to IAO . You know how large scale HP attraction. Almost half of USS. Waterworld can,t even fit the castle.

  3. That is the exterior queue for the Sesame Street ride. There really isn't much space in the show building.

    Several attractions in USS have such on-demand extended queue, but in USS they are placed very close to the street, which can cause crowd problems (e.g: Transformers extended queue with a performance of Rockafellas going on). Do check out the one at Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure, which I think is the best implementation. :)

    It is possible to have a Wizarding World of Harry Potter here - it's up to how much RWS is capable of (and motivated to) invest.

    1. Hey Dejiki!
      Thanks for the comment.
      Maybe it's just that I have to lower my expectation for Sesame Street...in order not to get too disappointed..

      I do hope HP can make its way to Singapore,too!

    2. Dejiki,

      Even if RWS is willing to bring HP here, where do you think they can expand the park and build the attraction?

    3. The same way HP is built at the US parks. Redevelopment, not expansion.

    4. Interesting. So which of the present attraction/s would have to go to make way for Harry Potter in USS?

    5. They wont build HP here. Cause they isnt enough space. Even if redevelop it, they wont do it to soon. By the time they want to build it, HP will old news. But i do hope they get rid of Madagascar area. The theming isnt great, the rides are really bad. I'm okay with the boat ride if the animatronics is way better.

  4. The ride is kind of destroying the whole 50's look of New York's street. They made it uglier by putting the queue line along the street. It looks messy. I hope the ride is worth it. Hope it opens by November.

    1. I do agree that the one side of the street which remains the same feels different than the opposite site with Sesame Street Ride. But I think the difference is small and the lakeside alley is still as nice as always.

  5. Do not say that! I am sure the ride will be amazing! Who knows, it might even outrank Transformers!

  6. Please record the que area and the POV of the ride. Thanks in advance.

    1. I will definitely record the queue area but for the ride I am not so sure...
      Sorry if I disappoint... :)

  7. They will never develop HP here. Cause they is not enough place. Even if redevelop it, they will never do it to soon. By enough time they want to develop it, HP will old information. But i do wish they get rid of Madagascar place. The theming is not excellent, the trips are really bad. I'm okay with the vessel drive if the animatronics is way better.
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